Reflections on Sea Changes

Thoughts on transformation
by Lauralee Alben

Transforming crisis into consciousness

From within the sanctum of inner transformation,
the butterfly effect of each blessed one of us is amplifying the sea change in consciousness that is occurring right now. At this nexus of self, crisis, and life, we can use design as both vessel and revelation to evolve a flourishing world. 

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Grief Cry

There is a surreal aspect to the very real and raw nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. We didn’t imagine that the tipping point of this Great Transition would come in the form of a virus messenger wearing a crown.

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Design Mastery

When I think of teaching graphic design at Ravensbourne, my thoughts often turn to Geoff White. I remember the moment he gave me an exquisite, original woodblock print of a samurai.

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Loving the mystery: Mary Oliver’s legacy

I’ve been reflecting deeply on Mary Oliver’s love and mastery of the art of questioning — everything.

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Signs of Hope


It’s curious how the arc of one life can shape the arc of another. In the blink of an eye. And so it happened with Malcolm Grear’s design career and his influence on mine.

As a sophomore graphic design student at RISD, I was fascinated with Malcolm’s teaching and his professional work. I grew to deeply respect the big-hearted, sharp-witted, gregarious Kentuckian that he was. He could tell a story that could stay with somebody for a lifetime.

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Born to create | Part 5: Wisdom


Creativity sources from our souls. This unifying spirit is always flowing. Design with it for the highest good. Its intention is to co-evolve us. 

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Born to create | Part 4: Care


Creative commitments. Who are we becoming?

Each and every one of us is a designer. As designers, we are life-givers, caring for the questions that ensure the viability of our future. Our legacy is dependent on how we create the present.

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Born to create | Part 3: Connect


Creative acts. What are we designing?

Everyone is a designer. As designers, we can connect this multi-varied world into one interdependent whole. This numinous nexus is where our rich and diverse sensibilities, skills, and streams merge—and emerge into form and motion.

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Born to create | Part 2: Source


Creative inspiration. Where does it originate?

From a Sea Change Design perspective, we are all designers. As designers, we are vision-seekers, summoning transformative resolutions and revelations.

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Born to create | Part 1: Life


During this great climax of our time, creativity is essential—if we are to resolve the pressing issues that define whether our way of life evolves or dissolves.

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