Reflections on Sea Changes

Thoughts on transformation
by Lauralee Alben

Born to create | Part 1: Life


During this great climax of our time, creativity is essential—if we are to resolve the pressing issues that define whether our way of life evolves or dissolves.

Our struggle, and those of our world, are assured, but by the very act of engaging with the seemingly intractable challenges in our communities, businesses, society, and the earth, we can call forth from deep within ourselves the possibility of a regenerative way of living.

From this inner wellspring of inspiration, we can design solutions that express our deepest commitments. To do this, we need to cultivate “design-being,” the state of being present, aligned, connected, and flowing within ourselves.

It is in this resonate state we can explore the exponential power of creativity, connectivity, and caring.

All of these originate in the spiritual realm, flowing from our souls to the surface and returning to our depths to enliven us in a gyre of reciprocal reunion. Emanating from this spiral of energy and matter are sea changes—positive, profound, and regenerative transformations.

Design is the conscious planning and meaningful actions that create relationship with humanity, nature, spirit, and time.

By this definition, we are all designers.

In caring connections with ourselves and each other, the web of life, and the sacred, across and beyond all time, designers create sea changes.

In other words, we are all Born to Create.


This text is excerpted from Born to Create, a meditative manifesto on creativity and an invitation to co-design a life-giving world. To schedule Lauralee Alben to deliver this interactive keynote, contact us.

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