Reflections on Sea Changes

Thoughts on transformation
by Lauralee Alben

Born to create | Part 5: Wisdom


Creativity sources from our souls. This unifying spirit is always flowing. Design with it for the highest good. Its intention is to co-evolve us. 


This great crescendo will resolve itself
even as the seeming impossibility of it
argues against the natural order of things.

Even as you crest this roiling, rushing wave,
shaking your head at the maddening illogic
of human beings who refuse their rightful place—
there is the small, still sanctuary within your soul
where love outweighs logic
and the summons of service matters more
than the parameters of power.

Even as you seize your trusted lance and shield
and encase yourself in armor,
defending yourself with reason and debate—
there is the nearly imperceptible truth
implicit in the tournament of life,
that vulnerability is stronger than any sword
and possibility more beckoning than any prize.

This resolution is a given,
as certain as your struggle—
until the moment of your surrender
to the mystery, where every blessed thing
transforms into wonder.

Lauralee Alben


This text is excerpted from Born to Create, a meditative manifesto on creativity and an invitation to co-design a life-giving world. To schedule Lauralee Alben to deliver this interactive keynote, contact us.

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