Reflections on Sea Changes

Thoughts on transformation
by Lauralee Alben

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What’s at risk?

What is it about water that transforms risk into rewarding experiences? Risk is an essential component of any sea change. At the Sea Change Design Institute, we work with leaders and organizations who are committed to co-creating life-revering transformations. At the sixth annual Blue Mind Summit, I searched for sea changes in the intriguing presentations by adventurers, […]

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Water blessings

Invoking connection Since 2009, we have been holding water ceremonies to open and close our Sea Change Design workshops. In these ceremonies, we presence the spiritual aspect of our being, the source of our ability to connect, create, care, and choose.

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The search for love

Our world is inflamed. We are crazed with grief and fear; held in the grip of conflict, war, and pain. This global scale of unspeakable suffering is reflected in the microcosm of our individual lives. Nearly every person I have coached in Sea Change Design over the past months has been wrestling with some degree of […]

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