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Loving the mystery: Mary Oliver’s legacy

I’ve been reflecting deeply on Mary Oliver’s love and mastery of the art of questioning — everything.

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What’s at risk? | Part 1: A mythological feat

What is it about water that transforms risk into rewarding experiences? Risk is an essential component of any sea change. At the Sea Change Design Institute, we work with leaders and organizations who are committed to co-creating life-revering transformations. At the Blue Mind Summit, I searched for sea changes in the intriguing presentations by adventurers, […]

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Water’s intention

Water is the ground of being for fish, whether they are aware of its essential nature to their lives or not. Just like air is for birds and soil is for worms. In Sea Change Design we define intention as a ground of being.

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Why intend?

Intention is universal. It’s not unique to humans. Although for many, an anthropomorphic mindset prevents us from seeing that a great striving to create, to connect, and to evolve is resident within all beings. As I observe more keenly, I perceive intention at work everywhere.

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