Reflections on Sea Changes

Thoughts on transformation
by Lauralee Alben

Transforming crisis into consciousness

From within the sanctum of inner transformation,
the butterfly effect of each blessed one of us is amplifying the sea change in consciousness that is occurring right now. At this nexus of self, crisis, and life, we can use design as both vessel and revelation to evolve a flourishing world. 

How can we use Design Consciousness to engage in the profound nature of paradigm-shifting and the profound work of problem-solving?

Reckoning? Reconcilation? Inside the crucible of every transitional era, the disintegration of old paradigms is catalyzed by catastrophes like the COVID-19 pandemic, social injustices, and climate crisis of today. Extinction serves as a counterpoint to evolution as a new worldview births. Everything is called into question—and anything is possible. If ever there was an extraordinary time to use Design Consciousness, it is now. This intentional way of being arises from a contextual awareness of the interdependent and interconnected nature of everything. When you are in this state, you can join in the flow of co-creative transformation and manifestation with nature, humanity, spirit, and time—in service of life.

What crises are we called to transform into consciousness?

Crises are both an imperative and an invocation. The critical and unrelenting challenges we’re facing require simultaneous shifts—strategically, culturally, socially, spiritually, and environmentally. As within any complex, systemic issue, starting simply and intervening anywhere within it allows you to contribute to a larger solution. But not through superficial, short-term, or survival-based changes. To discern the wisest and most compassionate course, we need to gain insight from the still point within our souls. Resonance with our highest potential allows us to attune to miraculous possibilities that translate into inspired and concrete action. What crisis are you already engaged with or long to participate in?

How can we appreciate what is precious—starting with ourselves?

Sea changes originate from those of us who recognize what is precious and stand up to safeguard it in all its expressions of goodness, truth, and beauty. To do this within today’s crucible of incessant uncertainty, it becomes essential to access source and find sanctuary. As we reflect on our personal relationships to a crisis, we can perceive deeper and wider as our True Selves. Then we can serve steadfastly by using our influence, skills, and experiences to generate opportunities that emerge at the confluence of conflict-resolution and community-engagement.

Our inspiration awaits us in the “now.” Immersed in this sacred still point, we come back into relationship with all life and our collective imagination gives form to what must manifest to bring us into oneness, interdependence, and consciousness. Our souls give design wings to soar, amplifying the butterfly effect of each blessed one of us. From within the nexus of self, crisis, and life, “design serves as both vessel and revelation.”*
*excerpted from the poem Design Consciousness by Lauralee Alben
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