Reflections on Sea Changes

Thoughts on transformation
by Lauralee Alben

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Transforming crisis into consciousness

From within the sanctum of inner transformation, the butterfly effect of each blessed one of us is amplifying the sea change in consciousness that is occurring right now. At this nexus of self, crisis, and life, we can use design as both vessel and revelation to evolve a flourishing world. 

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Design Mastery

When I think of teaching graphic design at Ravensbourne, my thoughts often turn to Geoff White. I remember the moment he gave me an exquisite, original woodblock print of a samurai.

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Loving the mystery: Mary Oliver’s legacy

I’ve been reflecting deeply on Mary Oliver’s love and mastery of the art of questioning — everything.

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What’s at risk? | Part 3: In a new light

What is it about water that transforms risk into rewarding experiences? At the Blue Mind Summit, Ben Thwaits showed astonishing photographs taken by the at-risk youth who participate in his innovative art and nature-based therapeutic programs at Northwest Passage. This quote by Joanna Macy came to mind: “A heart that breaks open can hold the universe.”

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