Reflections on Sea Changes

Thoughts on transformation
by Lauralee Alben

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Transforming crisis into consciousness

From within the sanctum of inner transformation, the butterfly effect of each blessed one of us is amplifying the sea change in consciousness that is occurring right now. At this nexus of self, crisis, and life, we can use design as both vessel and revelation to evolve a flourishing world. 

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Born to create | Part 5: Wisdom

Creativity sources from our souls. This unifying spirit is always flowing. Design with it for the highest good. Its intention is to co-evolve us. 

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Born to create | Part 4: Care

Creative commitments. Who are we becoming? Each and every one of us is a designer. As designers, we are life-givers, caring for the questions that ensure the viability of our future. Our legacy is dependent on how we create the present.

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What’s at risk?

What is it about water that transforms risk into rewarding experiences? Risk is an essential component of any sea change. At the Sea Change Design Institute, we work with leaders and organizations who are committed to co-creating life-revering transformations. At the sixth annual Blue Mind Summit, I searched for sea changes in the intriguing presentations by adventurers, […]

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